This has been happening in Ibadan for long, it’s time @Shoprite_NG looked into it

By now you should have known that Shoprite’s two outlets in Ibadan – the one at Dugbe and the other one at Ring Road have become the choice destination for Ibadan residents including yours sincerely. And, speaking on behalf of fellow Shoprite customers in Ibadan, we need the company to address something urgently – this affects both Ibadan outlets.

I’ve observed that at the food section, except once-in-a-blue-moon, customers would have to queue¬†for a long time before being attended to because just only one member of staff will be attending to shoppers. As seen in the short video that I put together, shoppers had to wait as she takes one order after another thus compelling them to be patient till she is through with one person before moving to others. So slow a pace for the food section which means you can’t go there if you are very hungry.

While the delay in getting served might not matter at the end after a nice satisfactory meal, coming in hungry, having to queue at the food section not knowing how long the payment section is going to take can be frustrating and something should be done about it.

Check out the video below while we await change.


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