Sights of property destruction and road construction at Idi-Ape Ibadan


Here’s the other sad side of Idi-Ape road construction project in Ibadan…

It’s not news that there’s an ongoing road construction project at Idi-Ape of Iwo road but what is unsaid, yet, is the untold hardship and destruction of properties in the area. Let’s start with Mr Biggs.

The restaurant is one of the first of its kind in Ibadan but a good proportion of the outlet gave way to the road construction project and the facility is under lock and key which is no brainer since extensive reconstruction would be needed to readjust to the space issue.

Just look at Mr Biggs. Obviously they aren’t opening anytime soon

Another major loser is the Nigerian Police at Testing Ground particularly its sprawling shopping complex. All the shops were destroyed.

The cute Police shops too also suffered

The Samsung office also lost some aspects of its front lot which raises the question of compensation. Were the companies compensated? I’m guessing no.

Check out the pics of the destruction and road construction project currently underway at Idi-Ape area of Iwo road. Considering the crazy traffic in the area, one can only pray that it is completed on time.


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