Significant societal threats posed by Asas Guest House Ibadan


Asas Guest House located at Iwo Road in Ibadan poses significant threats to the society.

It was one of the most popular brothels of its time. Situated along the ever busy Iwo road, you cannot say you can’t locate Asas Guest House – or deny to have knowledge of what happened there.

I’ve been hearing about it since my primary school days, together with Angle 90 and a few other places where guys interested in meeting call girls can meet and mate. But few weeks ago when I looked closely at the yellow-painted building that was once home to Ibadan’s most popular brothel, the place was desolate.

It is more like an abandoned building now, no one stays there, there are bushes everywhere – even in the building itself.  At first, you would think maybe the building has been sold to a company, probably a bank, considering the very high real estate value of the land the building seats on. But serious companies would not just have a property at a place like Iwo Road and allow it to continue to rot away like that.

Maybe the place was shutdown by the government since prostitution is still an illegal business. But I couldn’t find any notice of closure on the building and anyone can walk into the premises.

Or did something really bad happen there – too bad they had to close shop on their own, or did they simply couldn’t afford to continue the business. Whichever way you look at it, many things do not add up about Asas Guest House. Even if the owner got converted and decided to stop the business, at least he (or she, or they) would have used the place for something else, something positive.

So many things we don’t know about the guest house. But this is what I know. The current status of the building makes it a serious security risk because it could serve as hideout for criminals including thieves, ‘ritualists’ and kidnappers. It could actually be another kidnappers’ den or another Soka that no one is talking about yet.

It would bee nice if the state government can look into the ownership and usage of the building to ensure that it does not pose any environmental,social, security or health dangers to the neighborhood and unsuspecting individuals who may think it is still a functioning guest house and may go there at night in search of accommodation.


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