Soka Effect: With God Church modifies radio jingles



This morning while preparing to go out, I heard something on Splash 105.5 FM that really got me laughing and I just have to share it with my readers. It’s the latest radio jingle by one of the very popular churches in Ibadan, With God Prayer Ministries.

I’ve listened to the church’s radio programmes and adverts before so I know how they describe the address but since the discovery of the kidnappers’ den at Soka area, the church had smartly removed Soka from the jingle.

In the former advert, the emphasis was on Soka filling station. But now, Soka has been replaced with Doyin and it just doesn’t sound right.

However, I understand why the church decided to take that action because you can’t get people to come to your church if you are asking them to come to an area that was once an hideout for hardened kidnappers and ritualists.

My best guess is several other churches and establishments would have taken similar steps.


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