Specialized Institutions To End Courses External To Their Curricular.


Reports note that the Nigeria Universities Commission (NUC) has engaged in their procedural the reduction of some courses in the curricular of specialized tertiary institutions across the nation. This is I’m consonance with the order from the Minister of Communication which is set to restrain and Finally Stop specialized universities spanning the country from skiing courses that are superficial to their specialized corners. Tertiary institutions instantly impacted by the divestiture are Universities of Science and Technologies, Education and Universities of Agriculture.
  An earlier instruction was given by the Education Minister in January to tertiary institutions founded to reinforce the production of seasoned professionals who would supercharge distinctive sectors of the nation’s economy to be rigid to their mandate. It is now known that tertiary institutions that have gigantically veered from the authority of their creations contract courses that are originally severed from their peculiarity.

In Abeokuta, Federal University of Agriculture tender disciplines in Mathematics, Business Administration and Banking.

  Specialized tertiary institutions objected to the decision of government months sufficing the directive from yet, government, when their governing bodies chose to proffer several other courses to guarantee the survival of the educational sector in a bid rile for breached government care. However, by the reason of being specialized institutions, it is laughable and atypically unconventional to award degrees to their alumna on deferred courses because it could be represented thus: “a graduate of economics from federal university of technology Akure; Btech- which can loosely be overset to mean Economics Technology”.  

  The Education Minister intoned “for one, a proper concentration of passionate students at schools where the course of study is the sole mandate would produce better graduates. And at a time when Nigeria is said to be lacking properly trained graduates, the decision would ensure the production of graduates who are properly formed in the profession they have chosen”. He went on, ” a University of Agriculture would never teach Banking the same way the University of Ibadan would, just as it would be difficult for UI to teach Agriculture the same way a specialized university would. And as much as the illegal cases are taken off the curricular of specialized schools, the number of the schools offering courses for which specialized schools are created should largely decline”. 

  He ended by stating clearly that this would encourage students to select appropriate schools to study in. More, the NUC will not stop at anything to ensure the implementation of the directive considering their already started meeting with JAMB-Joint Admission and Matriculation Board executives and Vice Chancellors of concerned schools. 

  Importantly, lecturers handling deviated courses in specialized schools will be redeployed to other related courses while students who are presently registered in the perverted courses in specialized universities would be allowed to graduate.


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