SplashFM Ibadan denies sacking Edmund Obilo


Ibadan-based radio station, SplashFM 105.5 has denied allegations that it sacked ace journalist, Edmund Obilo for airing an interview with a lawmaker that exposed shady deals involving the state government and Alaafin of Oyo state.

In a statement posted on its social media platforms, the radio station described media reports by Sahara Reporters and others as untrue rumours.

SplashFM said: “We would like to thank our listeners for the support concerning the recent rumours that have been circulating.

“We would first of all like to assure you that Edmund Obilo has NOT been sacked.

“Due to the sensitivity of the matter touched on during the last edition of Bull’s Eye, the NBC has decided to conduct an investigation according to Section 0.2.1 of the Nigerian broadcasting code;

“Please note that the cardinal role of broadcasting to inform, educate and entertain shall not be at the expense of national interest, unity and cohesion. Therefore, no broadcast shall intentionally encourage or incite to crime, lead to public disorder, be repugnant to public feeling or contain an offensive reference to any person, alive or dead, or generally, be disrespectful to human dignity”

“Pending the outcome of the ongoing investigation, the NBC has decided the programme Bulls Eye will be put on hold.

“We thank you for your patience while the NBC conducts investigations and ask for your continued support.”


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