Stakeholders move to tackle challenges facing Ibadan music industry

Stakeholders in the entertainment industry of the ancient city of Ibadan have expressed their readiness to solve the challenges the music industry in the city is battling with.

In an exclusive chat with, ace journalist and popular on-air personality, Tony Rowland Awobode (Don T) said the move is necessary to overcome the quality challenges in the city’s entertainment sector.
According to him, the music industry in the city is battling with a number of problems.
“Right now, there is a movement where all the stakeholders are coming together to proffer solutions to the problem because there is actually a problem. And to find a way forward with regard to even the quality issue,” Don T told
Another focus of the movement according to him is to improve the quality of stage performances by the artistes in the city.
 Don T said: “Even for performances, there is the issue of low quality. It’s not like they cannot perform at higher quality, it’s just that when you’ve been in the mediocrity for too long, it just becomes normal to you. But now we are trying to enforce it for things to improve.”
Some of the decisions of the movement he said is to ensure that every artiste has a manager and at least a stage craft.
“Every artiste must at least have a manager, a form of stage craft, involve some sane people. That’s one of the reasons why I’m in Ibadan, we are trying to build the industry, bridge the gap and develop the industry,” Don T told

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