StarsConnect Studios Engage A “Gamut of Change” In Ibadan.


Mrs. Onyenike Adeleke who is the founder and initiator of “Ibadan Entrepreneurs” was in for an interesting interview with the StarsConnect Studios and several other media platforms.
 She was portrayed as “the woman behind the ‘Ibadan Entrepreneurs”, the ‘she’ who has worked wonders in the businesses of so many Ibadan entrepreneurs. While the interviewers portentously cracked her ribs in their usual jokes, StarsConnect Studios divulged their disposal in precipitating the smiles behind success stories of individuals.

 Granting the interview proper, the woman of honor identified herself as an Ibadan indigene after which, she disclosed her name to be Mrs. Adeleke Onyenike. She joined that she was born and raised in Oje, Beere area of Ibadan where she had her Primary education at All Saints, Secondary education at Queen’s school Apata. She bagged her degrees from the University of Ibadan. Beyond the years of being a spinster, she ties the knot to yet a man of Ibadan origin with whom she bore three kids she describes to be lovely.

  However, she disclosed that all her life centered in Ibadan except while on vacations and makes bold to intone, “I am Ibadan itself”. A drift to her career choice in marketing gives meaning to her inspiration. 

  Speaking on the route to her career path, she uncovered, “I’ve always loved marketing. After college, I got white collar jobs but I was yet to be satisfied. I wanted to do my things on my own terms, I wanted to impart lives but then, I got married and needed to be there for my family; that was how I got the idea of Marketlink Global Resources. I can say it again- I’ve always loved marketing and meeting people, so I decided to meet companies and train their marketers. Recording some feats, companies began to ask for our marketers and we started recruiting companies”.


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