Survey shows 40% of Nigerian women would break up with their boyfriend if they didn’t get a present on Valentine’s Day


A survey conducted by Kaymu Nigeria has revealed that 40% of women would break up with their boyfriend if they didn’t get them a present on Valentine’s Day. Likewise, 40% also stated that they would buy presents for their friends as well as their Valentine.

The study revealed that 70% of the participants would spend $50 or lower on their Valentine’s Day present and date, 20% would spend between $50 and $100 and 10% would spend over $100.

Interestingly enough, 50% of those surveyed were open to shopping for their Valentine’s Day present online and 50% were not.

Contrary to popular belief, 90% of those surveyed wanted to stay in on Valentine’s Day as opposed to going out. 90% of the participants also declared that they would not wear red on the occasion.

70% of those surveyed said they would buy themselves a present on Valentine’s Day and 80% were comfortable with being single on Valentine’s Day.

60% were open to proposing to their significant others on Valentine’s Day while the same percentage of people believed that Valentine’s Day is overrated.


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