TEDxBodija will be the first-of-its-kind TEDx event in Nigeria – organizers


Organizers of TEDxBodija, an event that is designed to give Ibadan community, organizations and individuals the opportunity to stimulate dialogue through TED-like experiences, said the event would be unique in terms of the structure and format of the presentations.

Olufemi Babologbon, chairman of the organizing committee disclosed this in an exclusive interview with IBPulse.com. He decried the transformation of TEDx events in Nigeria to seminars.
“Most of the TEDx in Nigeria turn out to be seminars, maybe it’s because Nigerians like so much of seminars. But the spirit of TEDx is innovation, creativity, ordinary people sharing the stories of their lives with communities and people going to replicate it,” Olufemi told IBPulse.com.
He said TEDxBodija which is the first of its kind in the city of Ibadan will be different from the TEDx events being held in other Nigerian cities.
He said: “TEDxBodija is not going to be just another TEDx, it will be like we are just bringing in TEDx to Nigeria.”

On the timing of the event, he said the time is right to bring TEDx to Ibadan at a time the city is witnessing business expansion and economic growth.

He said: “If you look at it, it needs to be balanced; we need to bring humanity to all what is happening so that we don’t get a fully urbanized Ibadan city where the majority of the citizens are suffering. So I said “okay, this is the time for you to bring a platform where both the old and young can interact, where the poor and the rich, literate and illiterate; people can share ideas about business, development, social entrepreneurship, which are the key to development of the economy of Ibadan”. 
“The time is just now, everything is just defining that this is the right time to have TEDx in Ibadan, not just Ibadan; let the whole Nigeria and the whole world come to Ibadan to experience TEDx like never before in terms of quality, contents, and impacts.”
TEDxBodija will hold on Saturday November 30th, 2013. Click here to register to attend.

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