Thanks to FirstBank, you can buy now and pay later on Jumia Nigeria


Those days of saving up all you had only to buy one single product are over. JUMIA Nigeria once again brings more convenience to Nigerian shoppers with a one of a kind partnership in the history of e-commerce with Nigeria’s leading bank, First Bank of Nigeria. Shopping online has never been easier and faster with the new First Bank Naira Credit Card which enables customers to simply buy their products of choice and pay in installments.

More interesting is that you need not go through the hassle of visiting the banking hall for a First Bank Naira Card. Applying directly on the JUMIA website while you place your order does the trick. Talk about convenience at its very peak! Once order is placed, have your card processed and order confirmed within 72 hours. Enjoy longer payments lead times gaining up to 45 interest-free days with delivery within 10-12 days.

The leading online shop, JUMIA Nigeria and the biggest player in the financial sector, First Bank of Nigeria understand that e-commerce has become a strong factor for economic growth with constant initiatives to empower Nigerians and Nigeria as a whole and also recognize the shift in the way customers think and what they want per time and as a result have continually positioned to provide excellent services regardless of the situation.

“JUMIA Nigeria has carved a niche for itself both as an innovator and market leader. At first Bank, we pride ourselves in our ability to create value for our customers through our strategic and innovative partnerships. Associating with JUMIA is in consonance with our culture of putting the customer first always. This unique partnership takes the customer experience to another level like we have never seen before in e-commerce. The customer, apart from having a wide assortment of products and excellent services available to him, he is also empowered to purchase them” Abiodun Ajadi, e-business group, First Bank of Nigeria.

JUMIA Nigeria, the online shop you can trust will continue to go the extra mile ahead of other online stores with careful attention to the needs of its customers ensuring they have the best shopping experience at all times. To get all those products of your dreams now, simply click here.


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