The case of Omo Ibadan hustling in Lagos


He works as a transport union officer manning the Sand Fill Bus Stop that is very close to Oriental Hotel and almost adjacent to Four Points by Sheraton, a major hotel in Lagos. His pidgin is very fluent and his physical appearance would make you think he is a Igbo boy. But when we argued over the protracted nature of my change, I realised he is a proper Omo Ibadan who came to Lagos in search of the golden fleece.

Even though he is still more or less an area boy, this guy said it used to be worse.

“I went to school, I graduated and was told the companies are here in Lagos but since I got here, it’s been one sad experience after another. I later got introduced to the road transport workers’ union. And here we are,” he told me.

He is not the only one in Lagos in search of the golden fleece, hundreds, probably thousands of individuals of all ages visit Lagos in search of opportunities which are only gotten by very luckily well connected ones.

When I thought about this development, I came to the conclusion that in addition to embracing entrepreneurship, decentralization and taking people’s eyes away from Lagos and Abuja would go a long way in creating more jobs.


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