The Commissioned's Shift holds Oct 30

The Commissioned’s Shift holds Oct 30 in Ibadan

If there is a day we look forward to, it is Friday. On this day of the week, we hear catchy and stress-relieving phrases like “Thank God It’s Friday”, Codenamed TGIF, “Weekend starts today” amongst others. Why do people (workers and students) look forward to this special day called Friday? It is when most workers swap the stress of work (enjoyed or endured) for the lassie-faire life of the weekend.
Spare time is good but better when there is good fun to spend it on. Something great is coming to Ibadan come Friday, 30th October, 2015. The Commissioned is bringing to the heart of the city of Ibadan an event tagged ‘Shift’, which is an evening of Jazz, Drama, Comedy and Dance. Lest I forget, for lovers of paparazzi, there will also be Red Carpet.
The time is 5pm but Red Carpet starts 4pm and the venue is Alpha Cathedral, Church Street, Police Bus –Stop, Akobo right here in Ibadan. Did your heart just skipped beats about the gate fee? No need to fret, it is totally on the house. Free of Charge! There are also free gifts for the first 50 people.
If you turn up, you will be glad you did and if you settle for the tales of the event from friends, you might be doing so with some tinge of regret.
This is certainly an experience you do not wanna miss!
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