The crazy Micra drivers on Ibadan roads


At first, I thought it was a crazy myth and a pure case of mere coincidence, but with several personal experiences I am agreeing that there is something wrong with the Micra drivers in Ibadan, so wrong that they are considered as posing more threat to other road users than Okada riders.

Other road users call them Egg Buns because of the somehow compressed nature of the vehicle they drive. Few days ago on my way to Lagos, I saw one Micra car involved in a ghastly road accident also involving an unscathed fuel tanker around Olorunsogo axis of the Lagos/Ibadan expressway.

When I got back, I saw another one involved in a similar nasty accident at Monatan Area. Last night, driver of yet another Micra was the cause of an accident involving several cars at Iwo road area.

Even Okada riders are scared of the Micra drivers.

“Awon ni were oju popo nisin yii o (They are the mad men on the highway now),” an Okada rider told me.

The compact nature of the car brand makes it slightly bigger than the popular Keke NAPEP tricycles. Which makes it somehow possible for the cars to be able to occupy small spaces and as such, they are able to keep going even during heavy traffic. This means they are also competing with okada riders, keke drivers and individuals walking along the road.

They are also incredibly fast and could easily and quickly accelerate which means the drivers may have the impression they could quickly overtake at certain portions of the road. When they miscalculate, accidents are bound to happen.

Several lives have been lost as a result of the activities of the Micra drivers. And with the ever-increasing number of Micra cars on the roads, the number of victims may rise if something drastic is not done.

Government and relevant agencies need to call the drivers to order and punish those found guilty of breaking traffic laws.


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