The death trap along Iwo road – Olodo highway


Since about two weeks ago when rainfall became more frequent in Ibadan and other environs, motorists, motorcyclists and other categories of individuals that ply the Iwo road – Olodo highway have become familiar with the death trap at Oyeniyan bus stop very close to Oki.

There are numerous potholes along the road and are always filled with water as seen in the pictures below.

To ensure safety and lesser damage to vehicles, motorists are compelled to go at slow pace in the affected area. And if you are on a bike, forget it, there is no way you won’t get sprayed with some water.

In addition to the hardships, what you can’t miss when you ply the the road are the numerous vehicles that apparently lost the battle and couldn’t handle the pressure of the bad road and flood.

The road was last repaired during the Akala administration and the damage was expedited by the non-availability of clear drainage system. During your navigation through the bad portion of the road you will definitely hear at least two people expressing their frustration about the insensitivity of the state government to the plight of the road users. Those frustrations are somehow justified.

I know several government officials – political and civil service office holders, that ply the road daily. So I can’t but wonder why they can’t tell the governor about the bad state of the road.

As usual, when a portion of the road is bad, some drivers often decide to use the other lane with potential dangers. I had a personal experience few days ago when I was almost knocked down by a commercial bus that was speeding while facing the oncoming vehicles on the other lane.

Questions I often ask myself when I see instances like these are why can’t the state government do something before we start hearing that people are dying? I know the governor is busy but lives are  at risk here. If he truly cares for the citizens of the state – especially the road users, he would expedite actions to repair the road.

PS -Why is no media organisation or opposition party talking about the road?





























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