The music scene in Ibadan is promising – GberaTinrin Studios

Akeeb Lawal, the head of  GberaTinrin Studios in Ibadan has revealed that the music scene in the ancient is promising. In an exclusive chat with, Mr. Lawal said the city is blessed with lots of talented artistes.

He said: “The music scene in Ibadan is promising. There is a lot of talent in Ibadan.”
He  however decried the non-existence of support by the radio stations in the city for local contents. According to him, the stations only feature mainstream acts that are already successful.

“The support from Ibadan stations and stakeholders can be a lot better. There is no major support for local content,” he said. He added: “Radio interviews, shows and airplay seem reserved for mainstream acts that are already successful. It’s hard to say this is who is repping Ibadan artist-wise.”

He added that successful local acts are always migrating to Lagos once they record appreciable success.

“When local artists get a taste of success, the nest step tends to be to go to Lagos. So as promising as the scene is, we still don’t have a fully supported act by all.”
To address this, he said there are roles for all stakeholders.

“Improving the scene is up to the stakeholders. Young and aspiring artists need to be mentored right. They also need to be given a fair chance to blow. I believe when our OAP’s, DJ’s and other stakeholders start taking interest in our local acts; then we still have a long way to go. The state government also has a role to play. A lot of encouragement is needed,” he said.


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