The Polytechnic Ibadan goes tough on indecent dressing: A closer look


Students of The Polytechnic Ibadan can now get expelled for indecent dressing, we take a closer look at this policy

On Wednesday, the management of the Polytechnic Ibadan announced their preparedness to suspend or totally expel any student who is found guilty of violating the institution’s dress code. This development was revealed by the the Rector of the institution, Professor Olatunde Fawole.

He revealed that a standard dress code is now available in the information handbook, hence any student found guilty of violating the rules would be dealt with.

“The Polytechnic Ibadan posses a unique image which we cherish dearly and that continues to rub on its products. This image has not come by chance but was earned through dint of hard work, dedication to duty and a strong sense of discipline among staff and students. To this end, the institution would not compromise its hard-earned impressive image for any damaging misconduct from any student,” he said.

“It is instructive to let you know that any student who flouts this dress code shall be warned at the first instance while subsequent defiance could result in suspension for one or two semesters or outright expulsion, as the case may be.

Already, he said a task force has been inaugurated to conduct periodic search into lecture theatres, hostels, entrance gates etc to fish out any deviant student.

Was this necessary?

This is always the question I ask myself whenever I read stories on the attempt of institutions to control actions of students that have nothing to do with their academics. Since education is said to be liberating, why are schools still interested in compelling students to comply with dress codes?

But if you look at this issue from the other perspective, you would realise that the school management has the task of ensuring that things are in line with the vision of the founding fathers of the institution and all of them support morality. Furthermore, compelling the students to dress properly could also serve as a way of protecting lecturers and staff members of the institution from sexual harassment.

Furthermore, I strongly believe that the institution is developing its students to become respectable members of the society and obeying law and order should form the foundation of such. This is a point that the rector summed up perfectly while well referring to morality.

He said: “Your morality must not be questionable as The Polytechnic Ibadan would not award its Diploma Certificate to any student that lacks moral. We believe that education without morals is null. And void.”



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