The rising profile of Ibadan as choice tourist destination


Some years ago, I was walking on the street of Owerri in Imo state when I heard on radio of a violent clash involving rivals with the road transport workers union in Ibadan. I wasn’t the only one that heard it as several friends later called and teased me over the shameful way that hooliganism,violence and lawlessness had been enthroned.

Fast forward to last Saturday, Valentine’s Day to  be specific. I was at home when a lady showed me her friend’s boyfriend in Ile Ife finally proposed beside a water fountain at a beautiful location. I looked at the picture closely and I said this “This proposal was done beside the fountain at The Ventura Mall.”

Anytime I’m within the premises of Heritage Mall, I often see people I know from other cities and a friend once saw someone that came all the way from Ondo to have fun in Ibadan.

The emergence of the malls and gardens are really attracting people to Ibadan and while the state heads to polls very soon, I am pleading to all the play makers to ensure that their actions don’t send us back to the days when Ibadan was notorious for violence and we were the butt of jokes of other cities within and outside the country.


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