The smart monkey at Agodi Gardens that drinks Fanta [PICTURES]


Some days ago, we celebrated the birthday of a very good friend and in addition to other places, we also visited Agodi Gardens. After the usual tour round the facility, we visited the zoo section where I further got an idea of how smart monkeys are and how close their intelligence is to that of human beings.

When we got to this particular monkey, my friend said monkeys will take any edible stuff that we offer them but I disagreed with him and said they cannot take everything – at least not stuffs in bottles. Since I was sipping slowly from a bottle of Fanta, I challenged him to make the monkey drink from it without spilling it.

He took the challenge and to my amazement – and everyone else’s, the monkey drank and even attempted to snatch the bottle away from him. We created quite a scene on that fateful Sunday evening.

Those that saw the scene couldn’t hide their amazement about the amazingly surprising ability of the monkey to do what human beings are doing, even though it didn’t receive any special training in that regard.

Assuming the role of an expert in monkey affairs, my friend reminded me of the closeness of the apes kingdom to human being. Furthermore, he said monkeys are very close to man in terms of knowledge which is why it is somehow easy – or let me say possible – for them to perform several human actions such as drinking Fanta.

I then began to wonder whether the ability to communicate effectively is the only or one of the few higher cognitive functions that human beings perform and monkeys do not. Furthermore, I asked myself whether the zoo arrangement is the most ideal for monkeys and how designing their artificial environment could take into account their extraordinarily high level of intelligence.

I believe with minimal training, monkeys will be able to operate a Fanta vending machine. They may actually be allowed to live in a more humane environment and exposed to some luxury.

But watching the little guy furiously take the last drop of my 150-naira-a-bottle-Fanta made me realise allowing monkeys to live among men could rapidly increase the entropy level in the environment as man and monkey will be competing for everything including corn beef, Amala and Orijin. With more comfort, they may actually begin to develop feelings for the ladies who only want monkeys as pet – especially when hubby is a globetrotter like me.

Check out the pics of my experience with the super-smart Fanta-loving monkey below.

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