‘The tech landscape in Ibadan is rapidly evolving’


‘We are sure that great technology solutions are going to rise faster to create a revolution’

iBridge Hub is really making more waves in Ibadan these days than before and Oluwamayowa Oshidero, is the Head Ninja in charge of the hub. Few weeks from now, the hub will be hosting Summer of Code sessions for kids and teenagers. In this exclusive interview, Oshidero tells IBPulse all about the program but I started by asking for his opinion on the tech landscape in Ibadan.

What can you can say about the tech landscape in Ibadan?

I think the tech landscape in Ibadan is rapidly evolving, with agencies like TinklingD working day and night to attract, create and support interesting initiatives to develop the eco system. And with rise of hubs like Wennovation hub, iBridge Hub, C Map IT Hub, we are sure that great technology solutions are going to rise faster to create a revolution here. The serenity of the city is a great thing too and a lot of technology companies are gradually migrating and expanding their base into Ibadan.

What can be done to speed up the growth rate of the ecosystem?

The most crucial thing needed now is sponsorship and funding for local tech products and ideas here. We are really glad with the Aso Villa Demo Day initiative and it’s power to help the nations tech landscape if done well, actually one of the innovation we put forth at the iBridge Hub was one of the ideas that earned a spotlight. So we are calling the IBM, the Oracle, the Samsungs, the Google to look into Ibadan and finance great initiatives, sponsor code labs, workshops and even meetups like IBPulse ‘s After5ive.

In simple English, tell me about the Summer of Code

Summer of Code is a program that was started by CC Hub years ago. It’s a fun and interactive programming school for kids and teenagers at their summer holiday. iBridge had been organizing iCode in the past years too, but thought it would be a better way around to work with CC Hub to extend the Summer of Code into Oyo State (as other hubs and centers are extending it to other parts of the country) in a bid to create a huge impact.

What is ccHub contributing that made you decide to set aside iCode for Summer of Code?

Well, their more experimented curriculum and then for the main fact of creating a connected impact in the country.

Who are you targeting with Summer of Code?

We are targeting, kids in primary school 5 – 8 years, growing ones also in early secondary schools 9 – 14 years and then school leavers of age 15 – 18 years. We are reaching them through socials, and widely read platforms like IBPulse. Fliers for this would be out in days time for pickups at popular stores, schools and other public places.


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