The Ventura is too small to be a mall, it's an entertainment center – expert


The Ventura is too small to be a mall, it’s an entertainment center – expert

Even though we all describe The Ventura located at Samonda as a mall, an expert believes The Ventura is too small to be a mall. According to him, it is more of an entertainment center than a mall.

Speaking to IBPulse, Makanjuola Ojewumi, a real estate expert who has been involved in massive residential and retail real estate projects in the south western part of the country said some features are lacking in The Ventura which make it seem more like an entertainment center rather than a mall.

“It hasn’t got any pronounce retail offering – just the arcade and the cinema. It’s like the Silverbird Galleria in Lagos. It is a very beautiful entertainment center and its offering is different from what the others are offering,” he told IBPulse.

Still on The Ventura Mall, IBPulse gathered that entertainment channel, Trace TV will be opening an office (?) at the mall. This may be confirming Mr. Ojewumi’s description of the mall.


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