Things looking good at The Ventura Mall Samonda Ibadan


Construction work is ongoing at a new eatery opening at the basement just beside the main entrance, Pixels Digital System is opening soon, Dayronan’s Nail Bar will also be commencing operations; Teol’s Place has a space, Lily Textiles has one too and europa is already doing business. You can say things are looking good at The Ventura Mall. . . but not so fast.

The piece I wrote when I first visited The Ventura Mall at Samonda has been read over 4,000 times. This proves that IBPulse readers are really interested in what is going on at the mall. You can also read it here. Last week, I was at the mall to assess the current situation. Yesterday I also visited just to ensure that I have the right information on the situation at The Ventura Mall.

Unlike my first experience, commercial transport workers now know where to take you when you say you are going to the mall. Even bikes from Total Garden and UCH can take you directly without much route description. When you get to the mall, the security officials are overambitious and really at alert. They will ask to see what you have in your bags in a manner that still needs to be worked on to sound more professional and not an attempt at being intrusive.

Normally the main entrance would automatically open for you, but since construction work is ongoing at the basement, you will have to use a smaller entrance. I casually interviewed the construction workers at the basement and they revealed they are working on an eatery. Although they couldn’t say which one, the green color nature of the stuffs they are setting up make me guess it may be Soups and Sauces (but it has a branch at Bodija) or Champ’s House which is doing incredibly well at Heritage Mall and it sits right on top of the top 10 best restaurants in Ibadan. I will keep you updated as soon as I know the name.

I decided to climb the stairs instead of riding the lift. Walking from one point to another in the mall, I could see more activities going on. Even though there are not much customers at europa which sells clothes for males and females, they have one very intelligent member of staff, a lady, that stands on the corridor and would beckon on you. She’s cute, confident and speaks good English. She almost talked me into buying stuffs. It’s therefore not surprising that people are actually walking to check out designer stuffs. I drilled her further on the price range and she told me you could T-shirt from NGN3,000.

Just beside europa you would a notice that Lily Textiles would be opening next door.

I’m still surprised that Pixels is yet to commence operations at its store. I don’t know why they are delaying, maybe they want more people to be visiting the mall. But I don’t think that is a smart decision because people won’t come to your place if you are not there.

Game Arcade is a perfect example of a company that is smart enough. Even though people are not trouping there in large numbers yet, the company is already on ground and ready to offer services when the people start coming.

I peeped out of the transparent portions of the building, especially region close to the motor park and I could see several cars parked which means high spending individuals are already visiting the mall in large numbers. But Filmhouse Cinema Samonda is the one that is enjoying most patronage.

While I commend the management of the mall for the achievements so far, I would enjoin them not to relent in their efforts to attract more tenants, but most importantly, they should focus more on getting more people to visit the mall. The piece I wrote on why Ibadan people go to the mall should give an idea of what attracts people to malls in Ibadan.

But here is a tip. Christmas is in the air, get some Christmas decorations. And ask your members of staff to be cheerful and happy. They frown a lot! Why na?

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  2. The mall is really a nice place to be. Clean toilets, reliable lift, well trimmed flowers, serene and clean environment, uninterrupted power supply and clean car park. Was forced to do a mouth wash seeing clean water running from the tap. The management should please keep it up.

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