Tips on applying to University of Ibadan Postgraduate School


Since the Postgraduate School of the University of Ibadan officially began sale of forms for the 2014/2015 admission exercise, I’ve received lots of information requests from my readers. So, I’ve decided to give you inside tips that I believe could help your application for admission would be successful.

First of all, note that can authoritatively tell you that the University of Ibadan remains Nigeria’s most prestigious school and if you can’t afford to go to Cambridge or Harvard, you can as well go to the University of Ibadan to set your feet on the right path to academic excellence.

Why am I saying this? Well I did my masters programme at the school and I can vouch for the quality. You will not remain the same after the programme and you would definitely get some exposure to how education should be.

So, understand that you have to be committed to the application process, show that you have everything prepared so that you wouldn’t look confused, immature and amateur.

Before you start filling any form online, visit the PG School’s website here and you would see a splash screen with some important instructions for you. Take the instruction seriously because the application process is stepwise – if you miss a step, it may be very difficult for you to normalise it and it doesn’t come free either.

Under no circumstance should you pay into an individual’s personal account for the admission process – this is the University of Ibadan that we are talking about here. There are also designated banks for the payment – know that not all banks are approved to receive payment, so make sure you are paying to the right bank.

If you are in Ibadan, I would recommend 3 banks – Afribank at UI Gate because you wouldn’t stay there for long and FirstBank also at UI Gate because it is very close. But if you want a place where you wouldn’t stay there for long and have your transaction implemented immediately also, you better go to Stanbic IBTC Bank at Total Garden in Ibadan.

During my time, we didn’t do the Test of Proficiency in English Language so I can’t help you much on that but what I can say is to advice you brush up your skills prepare intensively and be confident in yourselves.

Available Courses

One question I am asked regularly is the availability of one course or the other. If you want to know if the school is offering a particular programme or you are yet to make up your mind your mind on the course of choice, the way is simple – check the school’s prospectus and make a choice. You can download the PDF version by clicking here. It also has information on admission guidelines.

Application Process

When you’ve finally made up your mind on the programme you want to register for, then you are ready to begin the application process. Instead of just going up and down and getting lost on the website, has made things simple for you- simply click here to begin your application.

You would need an e-mail address I will recommend Gmail because there are drama sometimes with Yahoo. You would also need a telephone line through which you can receive text messages. By the way, make sure you have regular access to your emails because the school would be notifying you of updates via the email you’ve provided.

Before you start filling the forms, get the following ready and scanned – NYSC Certificate, Marriage Certificate if you are female and married, Degree/Diploma Certificate(s), O-Level or Advanced Level Results, Professional certificates (if applicable), and other relevant documents.

You will also need the names and email addresses of 3 individuals that would serve as referees. Before, the referees were asked to fill forms but now, the school will just ask them to send an email. Make sure you’ve gotten the three ready.

Another very important thing that you need would be your transcript. Ask your school to send it to the PG School but I’ll advise you get a copy handy in case you have to submit in person. When all your documents are ready, you can begin to fill the forms in a stepwise manner. And upload them accordingly.

If you encounter any problems while filling the forms or you are not sure about qualifications for a programme, just call the Information Officer on 07027299130.

Normally, you would not be required to take any forms to the PG School physically to the PG School until you are offered an admission.

Even though the University of Ibadan is the most prestigious, its admission process is also the easiest. Unlike institutions where you have to lobby and pay staff to secure admission, getting into UI is entirely merit-based.

To the best of my knowledge I can say there is no discrimination whatsoever,, it’s all about you and how best you fit into the programme you are applying for.

In case you still have further questions not treated in this, you can drop it in the comment box below.

Good luck.


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  2. Kudos sir, The application form that is out, is it for post graduate program alone or master program is included? Can someone with second Class lower apply for master program in U.I ibadan?

    • Nike, i think master is a postgraduate program, and yea, if u have second class lower, u can apply. I know lots of people with that grade that are running MSc programs I’m ui

  3. A fresh graduate currently serving though. With second class lower, one is restricted as most ivy master courses require minimun of upper credit. I suppose u post the pg prospectus link so that it can be downloaded.

  4. ibelegbu augustine on

    i am a graduate in agricultural economics who wish to do masters in economics in u.i. hope dat wont affect my chance as they are different faculties.


    • No, u are alright. Just follow d procedure, get your documents ready and have your referees give good recommendation. Be proficient in the test and I don’t see anything stopping you

  5. when is the deadline for the application. moreso will d photocopy if the nysc callup letter be acceptable as we submitted the original in camp since am currently serving and dont have the discharge certificate yet

  6. I have gotten to the point of uploading my certificate before I realized that it can’t be uploaded because while feeling the initial stages I mistakenly filled a second class lower instead of an upper division. Its been rejecting my certificate because it does not correlate with what has been earlier filled. How can I go back or perhaps start the online application afresh.

  7. More power to your elbow…I have a 2ndclass upper with a cgpa of 3.9 in english/literature but with a pass in ‘0’ level maths…want to know my chances as I wish to apply for a prof massters in communication arts….and the amount expected to be paid…tanx

  8. firstly i want to ask whether the pgd form is still on sale and appropriate bank to purchase d form.
    Secondly am a hnd holder of accounting(lower credit)at the polytechnic ibadan, pls can i swap it to study economics in UI. pls councel me

  9. The course I intend to apply for requires of 2yrs working experience that’s Msc Banking and Finance.. Though I only have a year experience can I stil apply for it.. Pls advice me

  10. The course I intend to apply for requires 2 years working experience that’s Msc Banking and Finance. Though I only have one year experience. Kindly advice me if I can stil apply for the course

  11. A friend of mine presently running hers there suggested dat I visit d PG schl b4 I start d reg @all. Can U kindly shed more light on dis pls? Tnx!

  12. Sir, I have 2.1 in Biology Education and I’m applying for Educational management, I need more orientation about the course Sir. Secondly Sir, i want to know if UI accepts waec/neco combination at masters level.. God bless You sir

  13. Tanks for d info, can i start d application process wit my bsc cert in place of transcript pending wen i get d transcript cos of d distance. I live at lag but scooled at abu zaria. As i see it time is not on my syd.

  14. The course I intend to apply for requires of 2yrs working experience that’s Msc Banking and Finance.. Though I only have a year experience can I stil apply for it.. Pls advice me


    pls i wil like u to know if ui is accepting National open university of nigeria certificate and i am a nurse,i STUDIED BSC nursing in noun and would like to study masters in public health.want to know if nurses can apply for the course thank u

  16. Pls sir am yet to collect my Bsc certificate, which am processing already can I still go ahead annd purchase the form and I want to know when the form is closing. Thanks sir

  17. Thankyou for your time, pls i finished with a c.g.p.of 2.98, would i be able to run a direct Masters programme in Ui?

  18. Sir, I already applied for a direct Msc program in environmental microbiology at UI buh I graduated with a CGPA of 2.57 do I stand a chance of admission ?A prompt response will be appreciated

  19. Please I have HND I read in d prospectus I have to have 5 years working experience I work since 2009 now do I need to get my employment letter as well? I just paid for d late form application today I do hope its not closed yet I can go on and complete d application? When is it closing finally and how much is the fee for the programs. Thank you

    • no one knows when the late registration would close. But I would advise you to be quick about the process. Get your employment letter ready but hold on to it until u are asked

  20. I’ve completed my application but one of my refree hasn’t responded claiming she didn’t see the mail. pls is there a way I can change the refree.

  21. Hello please I have completed my form filling but the modification side am having issues I can’t modify employment and certificate sections for like 2 to 3 days I have finished, but i have uploaded my employment offer letter and some other documents except my birtth and marrige certificate yet to be uploaded. Please can I lock up my application seems like time is going please?

  22. I need to count my cost before going ahead, can u help me with detailed information on tuition for msc economics. Thanks in anticipation.

  23. The proficiency test result is out! I scored 44, is der hope 4 me dt I will reach d cut off? Nd wat was d cut off 4 last year!

  24. I want to say a very big thank you for the information provided…am through with the first phase and I written the departmental test as well..put in best efforts like u said just praying it yields very very good result. Am grateful mr Paul

  25. pls I received a msg from ui post graduate chem dept to come on saturday 20 dec for dept test. I at the same day received another message from pgschool to disregard departmental message about the test. I called department and was told the test would hold. I am confused of what to do eventhough I scored 51 in EPT. PLS ANY ENLIGHTMENT?

    • my advice is simple. prepare for the test. don’t be caught in the middle of inter-departmental discord. it happens regularly and the best thing to do is to make sure you satisfy everybody. prepare for the test and attend. good luck bro

  26. Thanks for the useful information,please when will 2015/2016 postgraduate form be on sale? Secondly I have 2nd class lower(cgp 2.5) in microbiology an I want to do public health, will be admitted?

  27. Thanks for the useful information,please when will 2015/2016 postgraduate form be on sale? Secondly I have 2nd class lower(cgpd2.5) in microbiology an I want to do masters in public health, will I be admitted?

  28. Pls when will the sale of UI postgraduate form for 2015/2016 be out.Can someone with grade below second class lower from unilorin apply.Thanks

  29. Graduated from the Department of Business management(U.n.n) with 3rd class.i went do my pgd, so went to no cost of running the program and the curses that are there . Thank you. (07039100472 my num)

  30. please when will the form for 2015/2016 session be out on

    please its urgent, thanks in anticipation to whom ever will help

  31. sir, i have a Bsc in nursing at national open university and want to pursue my masters in nursing . i want to confirm if UI accepts NOUN nursing certificate and when is the form going to be for sale.

  32. Akano Nathaniel on

    Thanks a lot for your valued information. Sir, I have left school for a while and have missed some of my lecturers, pls can I make use of another person that conversant with my academics?.
    My C.G.P is 3.50 and want to study M Sc Economic can I apply?.

  33. Akano Nathaniel on

    Thanks a lot for your valued information. Sir, I have left school for a while and have missed some of my lecturers, pls can I make use of another person that conversant with my academics as referee?.
    My C.G.P is 3.50 and want to study M Sc Economic can I apply?.

  34. Akano Nathaniel on

    Sir, I hold B.Sc. Ed. Economics and want to study M. Sc. Economics will I be offered admission in the department apart from education department?.

  35. Kehinde Symbol on

    Sir, I hold B.Sc. Ed. Economics and want to study M. Sc. Economics will I be offered admission in the department apart from education department? And when will the 2015/2016 application form be out?

  36. Thanks a lot for your help, Please I would like to know if an Accounting graduate can apply for any of the Master’s Degree Courses the great University is offering. Thanks for your swift response.

  37. Abdul Sakirat on

    Please sir, i need advice on letter of recommendation. Am serving in Abia state and couldn’t be able to get in touch with my lecturers in Ogun state to provide the recommendation of letter to me should i apply like that or is there any need of it later.

    • they are going to do the recommendation online so I dont think you have to see your referee – just call one of them that is internet-literate. Interestingly though, it doesnt necessarily have to be your supervisor – it’s about getting recommendation.

  38. Akano Nathaniel on

    What if I use a lecture from another department in my school as a referee?, the reason behind this is some of my lecturers have left my formal school. Some sought greener pastures elsewhere, some retired.

  39. what shall i do after locking up my applications. I printed the transcript label.. Will PG send for my previous school transcript?? or what shall i do. thanks


  40. please will ui accept statement of result in replacement for NYSC discharge certificate….. I’m currently serving and my discharge certificate went be ready till October


  41. pls,am a serving corps member (batch A), i will be through with service by April 2016. since the portal says those serving can apply.CAN I ALSO APPLY .HOPE I WONT BE DISQUALIFIED?

  42. Deborah Lapaz on

    I graduated from the department of Linguistics and Communication Abia state university with CGP of 2.8, pls sir can I apply for mass com. With my grade?

  43. Please Sir Will I be given admission if I do not submit my transcript before the stipulated deadline. And if my school says they have sent my transcript how will I know it has gotten to the admissions office. Who will I call to confirm. Please I need help. Thanks

  44. Greetings..Please I would like to know if someone with a 3rd class in Polymer n Textile Engineering from FUTO can apply for Post graduate diploma in Petroleum Engineering at UI..I would really appreciate a quick response. Thank you for your assistance.

  45. i came out with second class lower,, my cgpa is 2.75, can i do my master in ui since my cgpa is not up to 3.0

  46. Pls sir,what will be the effect if one of my referee fails to fill the form sent to him. Will that affect my admission. Tx

  47. Pls i need clarafication on this 2 issues
    1.I applied for a course in Teacher education what to know if d7 in maths will affect my chance of been admittted
    2.When is it likely for proficiency in english test to comes up and does Teacher education department conduct additional test

  48. Thanks greatly sir.I have a cgpa of 2.63, if I’m qualified to buy masters form in UI and I studied Education English in UNN and want to do English and literature in UI is it possible sir?

  49. Tx for the other time. Sir, i mistakenly pressed the modify data button and a page was brought for me to provide my invoice but I don’t have the intention of modifying any data.what do i do? Tx

  50. Hello
    young students are seeking admission into the following universities like,UNIBEN,AMBROSS ALLI UNIVESITY,UNILAG, NOUN,FUTA,UNIVERSITY OF ILORIN, UNILAGE E.T.C you are in the right place of choice you are wellcom to igbinedion admission center,fou ur post ume score upgrading,clearance.we do not charge much do not be afraid we have done it before so many have testify so are you interested please contact the admission officer at:09038001599 please call if only you are interested thank you or any of your choice.quickly call four your admission in all school call for God bless you all

  51. Hollamishiley on

    kudos sir…I studied Business and administration wit HND (2.86) Nd I want to go for MBA….Plz is there any chance Nd I need ur advice on dat….THANKS

  52. Do you need admission into any Nigeria university? simply contact the Nigeria minister of personal assistance for help. he has done it for me before and i believe he will do it for you. please don’t flash this honorable man.
    note : you must at least score 180 in your jamb before he will listen to you.
    don’t flash this man again please. his contact is 08116241978.
    he is ready to help.

  53. I came here for food matters and saw this lol. First, I was a PG student in the 2010/11 session at UI. A major setback of the system is that they are taking too many students more than academic staff can handle when it comes to the thesis work. For instance the English department had about 100 students for masters with teaching staff of less than 15. How is quality scholarship supposed to occur? It seems the university is more concerned about making money right now. And that their website needs a major IT overhaul. It was also ridiculous that something called online registration required a rigorous process of submitting paper and enduring long queues for clearance at the PG school. I have plenty grievances to share….
    Now to the food, do you by any chance know where I can find abacha that is African salad in IBADAN? IT’S AN IGBO DELICACY.

  54. please sir,just finished my PGD Business admn in National Open University and i will like to do my MBA in ui ,can i apply sir for 2015/2016 Admission

  55. Please what is my chance of being admitted in this year’s PG in UI,I scored 60 in the entrance exam and finished with a 2:1 from Unilorin, to study educational evaluation, thanks.

  56. Good day, i have to commend wat u are doing here. U deserve an award. Pls, i will like to do an msc in information science but its done under ARCIS program. Pls throw now light on the program. How does it defer from others? How will it affect d certificate obtained? Wat is there practical level in d program? Thanks

  57. Tsenum Joseph Luper on

    Pls when will 2016/2017 forms be out? I graduated with second class upper in Biochemistry and i want to do my masters in Molecular Drug Metabolism and Toxicology. I’m currently serving, i wil b passing out in sept. dis yr.

  58. Olumen Irabor on

    I am Mr Olumen Irabor and i am a waec official, I know many of you out there must have lost my contact, But am back now, As i was robbed before that is why my number has not been reachable. But am back again with the following phone numbers to get your problems in any result fixed. call 07060764708

  59. Falana Oluwatosin on

    I am Oluwatosin and I want to know if U. I accepts Hnd microbiology for direct entry in nursing. Thanks.

  60. Xtiana daps on

    Pls do UI require transcript for phd or they require only Masters transcript.
    Also I intend processing he transcript, hope it doesnt matter if it arrives early.


  61. Afternnoon Sir. I graduated witha CGPA of 2.6 out of 5. Do you think I stand the chance of being admitted even with a high english proficiency test score?

  62. Afternoon Sir. I graduated with a CGPA of 2.6/5. Even though that’s second class lower, do you think I stand a chance of getting admitted for an Msc. program in UI?

  63. Adepoju emmanuel on

    Hello, I applied for masters degree 2016/2017 session in Ui and I just finished the proficiency test on Saturday 10th of sept.Am looking to change the course I put in for to study.Ill like to know when I can process the change of course oand how to go about it

      • Yes have been able to.Just log in to your profile and where you see change of course you click and pick a new course and some other details there and print your invoice to pay for the change of course.Each course as varying prices

  64. My signature appears at the place where my passport is supposed to appear and have been trying to modify but no avail.There is form no on my preview form.could i have submitted unknowingly.If yes how can i can I correct it.

  65. Is it necessary to fill any of my lecturers as referee,as at now,I can’t get in touch with any of them.Thanks sir!

  66. Oyekan Ifeoluwa Ayobami on

    Am a new applicant for 2017 /2018 UI post graduate program, I have finish the online registration, but on my profile there is one place dey wrote ‘submit form’ am I to click on it to finally submit the form, and in addition to that, the submit form option is not clicking.


    Sir, I am an applicant for 2017 /2018 UI PG program. I discovered that some of my documents were not uploaded after my final submission. Pls what can I possibly do? Thanks

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