Tips on organizing a successful show in Ibadan


There is this popular notion that Ibadan people like free shows, some even say Ibadan people would rather attend an after party than the main show. These are two of the major reasons why these individuals believe events do flop in Nigeria.

I’ve attended several well attended events in addition to those with poor turnouts. To a large extent I think I can give an advise on how to organise a successful event in the city. And I will make this quick and straightforward.

Location is very important

Don’t jump at offers of free venues because you may end up having to deal with poor turnout. There are very popular locations for events in Ibadan – venues that people could easily walk into, and are a beehive of activities on their own. Call me for advice if you need further advice on this.

I won’t attend a very cheap event

I know there is a popular notion that Ibadan people don’t pay for shows, but ask LafUp, Gbenga Adeyinka D 1st and Peteru. These are individuals that regularly sell out shows charging a minimum of N2,000.

Bring the stars

We are not fools in Ibadan. You can’t bring leftovers and expect us to pay exorbitant fees to see upcoming celebrities. Take a cue from Beat FM. It brought music and comedy superstars to Ibadan. Ibadan people turned up.

Do the right publicity

Don’t just come to Ibadan and be erecting billboards recklessly. It won’t work. Consult those that matter in the city – starting with – and we will hook you up.

Don’t forget to arrange an after party

A lot of event organisers are already aware of this trick. Partner with a popular high class club to organise an after party. Announce that the celebs would be there. Add additional fees to the price of drinks and you will be surprised about the number of those that will show up to pop bottles and to take selfies with the stars.


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