Tomato scarcity hits Ibadan


Brace yourselves people, tomato scarcity has hit Ibadan…

This afternoon, I confirmed something that I’ve been hearing as rumor – tomatoes are getting expensive in Ibadan.

I went to few markets in the city and I realised that what was being sold for N50 before now go for N200.

The ones at the top go for N200 while the ones below are sold for N100. Can you imagine?

The narkerwomen didn’t give much explanation for the hike but it is worth looking into.

So I’m switching to tomato paste in sachets until we know what’s going on. Apparently I’m not the only that is aware of this development as several other shoppers are complaining about the dwcwlooment which reminded me of the time last year that comedians were joking about tomato scarcity. I think it happened around this time also. 

I heard some tomato sellers are even suspending their businesses until the commodity becomes less expensive which makes quite some sense since these people are selling to individuals that are making barely enough money to make ends meet.

Look at the ones in the water in the gutter. I hope it wont get so bad that people will start picking tomatoes from gutters


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