Top entertainment in Canada – a 2015 survey


Every year the entertainment industry comes up with new products and new trends. Normally, this huge industry works on a large scale, that is globally. Today, many things are “global”, in the sense that they are the same spread all over the world.

Entertainment products are among the first ones to reach all the world’s edges in (more or less) the same form. So, you won’t be amazed to hear that Canadians use to play the same video games as Americans and that French young people love the same cinema movies as Moroccans.

From cinema to gaming products

In Canada, most American entertainment products can achieve a fast and good level of diffusion. Possibly, the close frontiers between these two large Countries help the diffusion of ideas, trends and products of all types.

One of the most popular entertainment form in 2015 for Canadians is cinema: with its many new titles each month, the cinema industry has always enjoyed a positive favor by all Canadians. Ballets and theater works are the top 2nd entertainment form in Canada, soon followed by online games.

In fact, it seems that more Canadians choose online entertainment as a smart alternative to offline entertainment. Especially during the winter season  -which is particularly cold in Canada – Canadians prefer to stay at home and online games surely represent a good idea for them.

Top most relevant online games

There are numerous types of different games in the web. This is true not only for Canadians, but for anyone in the world, being the web globally available and accessible to anyone from anywhere.

There are adventure games, fantasy games, arcade games, new versions of classic games, 3D games and the most appealing casino games.

In particular, it seems that during the year 2015 more Canadians chose to play online casino games, with a strong preference for poker card games.

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How to play free poker games

First off, consider that if so many Canadians chose the free poker games at Ladbrokes Games, it surely means that these free games are advantageous and not just for one reason.

In fact, playing free poker games helps beginners to practice and get more familiar with the game rules and it allows them to begin using the first game strategies to play better. This is a unique opportunity to learn more about this appealing casino game.

Moreover, once you decide it’s time to play for real, Ladbrokes Games will offer you a Welcome Bonus after your 1st deposit. The most popular poker game is Texas Holdem that you can play free at Ladbrokes Games. Today, you can also play from your mobile device instead from a computer: Ladbrokes Games developed a mobile friendly interface for mobile users.


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