Trouble hits Igbo community in Ibadan


Trouble hits Igbo community in Ibadan

perennial battle over the title of Ohaneze N digbo of Oyo state resurfaced again, weekend, as the socio-cultural group accused the Ohaneze national leadership of instigating crisis in the state.

This was disclosed in Ibadan by the Ezendigbo of Ibadan and Oyo state, Eze (Dr.) Alex C. Anozie, President of the Ohaneze in Oyo state, E. Ndidi Nzeako.

They claimed that Anozie is the only recognized paramount head of the Igbo community in Ibadan and Oyo state.

The duo called that attention of the national body to a subsisting court judgment delivered by an Oyo state High Court on February 18, 2014, in which the court affirmed the leadership of Anozie as the democratically elected and crowned Ezendigbo, Onyendu Ndigbo in Ibadan and Oyo state.

They went further that the court did not only pronounce Anozie as the paramount head of the Oyo Igbo community, but also “ordered everything about the Igbo General Assembly (IGA), including their acts, steps taken by the group and the South-East Traditional Rulers null and void, and restrained Chief Aloy Obi from parading himself as the Onyendu Ndigbo of Ibadan and Oyo state.”

The group was particularly irked by the recent visit by “one person who called himself the Deputy President of the Ohaneze Worldwide, by name Ogochukwu Onyema”, who allegedly said what something that eroded the court ruling, and claimed to have spoken on behalf of the Ohaneze national body.

The group said, “if it is true that they are the ones who sent one Ogochukwu Onyema to Ibadan on 15th of August, 2015, to come and say all what he had said, then they need to take caution .

“We are responsible peace-loving citizens of Nigeria who so much believe in the rule of law, and that is why we tolerated so many provocations since many years now, and we have continued to allow the judiciary to help us sort things out peacefully. Oyo state is peaceful and we want it to remain peaceful.

“We are aware of the antics of the very person who has been the brain behind all these problems since all these years; he would want to drag everybody that matters into this controversy, including the South-East Traditional Rulers and Ohaneze national body, whom we expected to play a justified fatherly role in this issue.”, they said.‎

This story first appeared on Vanguard Newspapers


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