Tunde Kelani, others attended #DazzlingMirage official premiere in Ibadan


On Thursday, Tunde Kelani’s latest movie #Dazzling Mirage officially premiered in Ibadan from celebrities and eminent personalities in attendance.

Even though the red carpet did not start until around 7pm, the lobby of Filmhouse Cinema located at Samonda, venue of the premiere had been filled with individuals who had gotten the in-high-demand ticket.

Unlike the premiere of Gone Too Far that had UC Ukeje in attendance, this particular premiere had in attendance several eminent personalities from the University of Ibadan which a top staff of the cinema said may be not unconnected with the fact that lecturers of the Ivory Tower are close friends with the highly respected movie director.

When the red carpet finally got underway, Tunde Kelani got most of the attention as those in attendance, including me (*covers face) queued to take pictures with the movie director. It got to a particular point that he called the actors in the movie to come and be taking pictures with the fans that came to see the movie.

Filmhouse and FilmOne put more efforts into this particular premiere as there were cocktail and snacks this time – unlike the last time when we had to eat popcorn and soda. There also more professional photographers and other category of event personnel that I couldn’t even figure out what they do.


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