Tundey announces club tour [SPONSORED]


Hip hop sensation Tundey has announced he is going on a tour of clubs in Ibadan. He told me the club tour is his way of thanking the DJs and hypemen in the city of Ibadan.

He said: “Many times, people tell me they heard my song in a club and i dont even know who is playing. I believe a club tour will allow me to meet these wonderful individuals who have been supporting my music. It also allows my fans in different parts of the city to have access to me and have fun with me and my team.
Overall, I believe there will be a lot of benefits and experience gained from the project; further preparing me for the big stage.”

He said through the club tour, he will be getting closer to his targeted audience, allowing his fans to see him physically and not on TV, or listening to him on radio.

This week alone, he told IBPulse that he would be visiting more than 12 clubs.

“The train is moving throughout the southwest starting from Ibadan to Ilorin, Osogbo, Akure and Lagos. My fans should expect energy, fire, good music, good performance. They should expect the Kerubu,” he said.

He also informed that he has a new video coming out for a new single titled Igboro. The video was shot in Ibadan by Abfresh and Moe Musa. He will also be releasing his debut compilation of works, it’s called The Igboro EP which is a compilation of all his released works to date.

“From the start of this year, I have been busy putting things together. Towards the end of January I dropped a single for lovers to kick-start the year (check it out here). I am on a club  tour, I will be dropping an EP having 5 tracks this will be alongside the club tour, Igboro video directed by AbFresh and having Moe Musa on set of the video which will be released soon. I will also be dropping another single and the video of the single will follow,” he told IBPulse.


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