Viva Cinema Ibadan slashes price of movie tickets


Last time I was at Viva Entertainment Cinema at Palm Mall Ring Road Ibadan, I found out they have reduced the price of the evening movie ticket to N700 in an effort aimed at attracting moviegoers to the cinema.

Will this make much difference? I don’t think so.

I know the management probably thought their tickets are expensive for moviegoers in Ibadan. The truth is the people that are visiting cinemas in Ibadan can actually afford it!

I don’t know who they are talking to that is giving them the impression that we don’t watch expensive movies.

I know they are reading very well because one of their workers confronted me the last time I visited in reaction to my previous post on the cinema. So let me talk to them directly about the Ibadan market.

When Fast and Furious 7 started showing at Filmhouse Cinema Samonda, they were charging N1,000 during the day and the cinema had several sold out shows for two weeks! So it’s not about the price. Instead, it is about the movies you guys are showing.

You guys need to work more on getting the latest movies. Take for instance Will Smith’s Focus movie that is just being shown several months after Filmhouse. You need more latest movies and active engagement of the community through various initiatives.

Furthermore, you guys need a website. Check out Filmhouse website’s Alexa ranking and see how important a website is. People should be able to know what movies are showing and at what time.

Lots of people are searching for you guys online and they often land on because I’m the only one writing about you guys online!

Securing partnership with Pepsi alone won’t attract people, having beautiful cinema wouldn’t either. Remember that movies are the reasons why people go to the cinema. Give them the latest and you will be shocked at how guys will fall in.

I don’t want you guys to fold up o, I want you to compete favorably with Filmhouse because there is sufficient money for everyone to make in this city.


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  1. God bless you bro. You have spoken the truth. I actually was searching for their website when I landed on this site. Truth is, for someone like me who lives in Felele; VIVA is the closest cinema but as it stands I’ll have to go as far as Samonda to watch a movie with my wife. They really do need a website.

  2. Can’t believe that a company like viva who partner wit Pepsi can run a company like this, how much will it cost u to ve a website rather u guys choose to type ur movies on a sheet of paper, Haba mana! Am sure one of the management or staff ve been to filmhouse samonda & see how they run things. Pls we nid CHANGE

  3. Honestly! The writer took the words right out of my mouth! … Out of my “filmhouse boredom” and non interest in their current movies, dear me decided to risk all to go to the other end of Ibadan (that’s how far viva is to my side) for a refreshing experience, but I needed to know the movie they’ll show before I venture out and searched for them online relentlessly but alas VIVA cinemas was nowhere to be found and just like that, they lost a customer… this is 21st century please make some necessary adjustments

  4. I landed on this website too while searching for viva, I wonder how a company will be running without a common website, not even a cinema for that matter, when filmhouse at cocoa mall shut down, I belive viva should take the advantage of the location to win people in thier axis, but since they havnt been able to wake up from their slumber, i’m so sorry for them cos they would pack up very house is very close to them, now I have to go to samonda!

  5. Also landed on this page searching for their website, will have to go all the way to samonda,not ready to go to viva,only to find out they don’t have the movies I’m searching for

  6. This guyz ar a bunch of jokers of d century! I saw a movie listed on their “website” and I drove myself (after convincing myself DAT D’s bunch of jokers hv changed) only tobget der n d sales lady said “Burnt” was listed on the movies showing this week erroneously without any sense of remorse.

  7. These guys “Viva Cinema” ar jus a bunch of no brainerS! imagine driving myself all the way to d cinema based on the movie list I saw on der website. the sales girl just told me wit no sense of remorse while chewin her gum n speak with side of her mouth “the movie you came to watch was put on the site in error!” wat da f… I shud hv known better. Viva Cinema @ Palms Ring Road is just a waste of space

  8. These people are jokers, this post is way back 2015 and still no website. If they are not breaking even being at the palms they better shift. I have never watched a movie there and at this rate i still am not.

  9. Ewwww…… You people are just ewww….. i stumbled here wile searching for their time showing movies for latest the wedding party, the guest, blogger’s wife, doctor strange, brother jekwu. But landed here like for real, maybe you they should just close cinema down in the mall or go learn business strategies again or what do you think my people. wait self how on earth will they have coming soon movie on 24th of march 2017 “pathetic” to show. Seriously this is annoying and i feel like changing my cinema house to mall but i think ventura is still the best here in ibadan because over current is worrying them. All movies to show there are always on full details with easy.

  10. obasohan damilola on

    Lol…saw this while looking for their website despite the fact that my first and only experience I had with them was the worst I have ever had in a cinema.. the other day I went there to watch alakada reloaded ..was told they stopped showing it when the movie was still hot in other cinemas… Had to settle for a stupid film just not to waste my time and energy… Could you believe the roof of the cinema was actually leaking??… Damn!!…you all need to do something about your cinema.. Its wack

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