Watch drunk mobile police officer threaten to shoot driver in Ibadan [Video]


Watch drunk mobile police officer threaten to shoot driver in Ibadan [Video]

This morning, I received a mail and video from an IBPulse reader who recounted his experience with a mobile police officer in Ibadan. Read the scary story as recounted by the driver, also watch the video he was able to record.

On Thursday, September 3, 2015, at about 1.45pm, I was at Mokola Ibadan looking for a place to park my vehicle so I could use the First Bank ATM. The area was so clumsy I couldn’t find any parking space. So, I drove a bit farther from the bank to adjacent Group Medical Hospital and pulled over looking around for parking space. Suddenly I heard a loud bang from the rear of my car. It was a Mobile policeman in dark sunglasses with riffle. He shouted at me to get out of the place and attempted to open my car door. So, in fear I drove away and closer to UCH but he came after me on a bike.

He blocked me, cocked his rifle and threatened to kill me. He repeated used statements like ‘I will delete you now’, I will kill you and bury you here and nothing go happen’. I was terrified and pleaded with him especially when I realised he must be under the influence of alcohol which was smelling from his mouth and by virtue of his careless words.

When he demanded for N5000 from me before he could release me, I told him all that was on me was N1000. He became more annoyed with me. That was when I reached out for my phone and switched on the recorder. Please, find attached the recorded conversation

There were two regular policemen in the area who intervened and pleaded with him on my behalf to let me go.

Here are some of his words as recorded:

I fit finish you now replace am. Wetin you be? I be MOPOL… My bullet full.

¬†After so much bragging, collected the N1000 on me and said to me, ‘My name na Hassan, Hassan Abdullahi. Ask anybody for PMF Ibadan.

Policemen like this who are given to alcohol and uncontrolled anger are threats to innocent lives and should be disallowed from further access to firearms.


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