We Shall Explore Residual Mineral Resources To Promote Investments In Oyo.


Governor Ajimobi divulged that Oyo state is blessed with mineral resources that include; Feldspar, Quartz, Iron stone, Granite, Marble/Dolomite, Talc and Talcose body, Gemstone, Mica, Gold​ and others not mentioned. He analyzed, “these natural resources located in some Local Government Areas of the state are investors friendly and in turn allows for development. The major determinant for the location of investments/industries is the availability and accessibility of resources. Hence, the state government has embarked on aggressive provision of good motorable roads network connecting to the rural areas where most of the natural resources are located”.

Meanwhile, Special Adviser to the governor Hon. Matthew Oyedokun on Tuesday declared that the state government has updated the database on mineral resources residual in the state. He reassured that the mineral resources available in the state will be used to promote the state’s investment sector, adding that such development will make an enabling environment for intending investors.

The Governor further said, “situating industries in such localities that house these minerals will bring royalties and employment opportunities to the people. It also will facilitate rapid development of the areas. The opportunities available will be of immense benefit to both the rural areas and the state as a whole”.

More, Governor Ajimobi assured continuous mapping for updating existing mineral resources and discovery of new ones. “The government will remain resilient in providing suitable environment that will attract investors. We hope that land owners tolerate both local and foreign investors towards investing via the exploration and exploitation of minerals” the Governor concluded.


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