What they didn't tell you about the fire at Aleshinloye market


It’s no news that the fire outbreak at Aleshinloye Market in Ibadan destroyed properties worth billions of naira,although no life was lost.

When IBPulse.com visited the site on Saturday, it coincided with the visit of the executive governor of Oyo state, Senator Abiola Ajimobi, to the market to commensurate with the market men and women, especially those that lost properties in the inferno.

He consoled them to take solace in the ability of God to transform their lives for the best. He narrated his personal experience with them. According to him, he also lost his house in Lagos to a fire disaster in 1992 but did not worry himself too much concerning the lost.

He prayed to God to turn around their story for good; he also promised the state government would support them with something although he said the contributions may not be substantial enough to totally take away the burdens of the loss.

Furthermore, he said whatever the state government gives the victims should be shared with everyone irrespective of their political affiliation.

“No party will say the other party was responsible for the fire and everything we do for you will not be distributed on political basis,” he said.

On rebuilding the market, the governor didn’t say anything about it. The only statement he made in this regard was that the victims should urgently be supported.

“If we promise to rebuild the market, it may take time. What we can do on time is to provide some forms of relief for the victims,” he said.

Victims who spoke to IBPulse.com said the fire was caused by high voltage power supply. According to them, it started late in the night and couldn’t be put under control by officers of the fire service who reportedly were unable to get water to quench the fire.

A good number of victims are Igbo traders in the market although other traders the inferno affected all racial groups in the market.

In addition to the burnt shops, a good number of the shops that were not affected by the fire outbreak were broken into by thieves and vandals who carted away goods under the guise of the night to steal. Furthermore, some traders in the market who were not affected by the fire outbreak were seen going about their business as if nothing happened.


some of the looted shops
more looted shops

In the midst of the inferno and theft, some shops were opened


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