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When I heard that Domino’s Pizza had opened another outlet in Ibadan, I wasn’t sure about how people in Bodija would accept the brand considering its location along Awolowo Avenue. But there is no  other way to find out unless you visit. So, last Saturday, I decided to visit with a friend.  You should read my review of the outlet at Ring Road here.

First of all, if you’ve not been to Domino’s Pizza Bodija before, you may find it much difficult locating the place especially if you are driving and you don’t reside at Bodija because there are no visible road signs from the University of Ibadan -Secretariat major road. But the trick to knowing its location is to ask anyone for Awolowo. Very few Okada riders know the place but they all know Awolowo. Once you get to Awolowo, just keep going and you can’t miss the place.

The location is quite desirable for individuals who don’t find the loud sounds of car horns comfortable. The risk of vehicle running into the outlet is quite low considering the fact that the surrounding of the pizza shop is shielded from the main road by a barrier.

Customer Service

As soon as I arrived, the door guy gesticulated in a manner that made me feel like the boss. He murmured ‘good afternoon sir’. I said thank you. Before going to make orders, I took a great look at the arrangement of the place but my attention was drawn back to what brought me to the place in the first instance. Pizza.

“Good afternoon sir, welcome to  Domino’s,” a lady with a very nice voice said.

I told her what I wanted and they started processing my order right away. From the information available on the display screen, I could see that my order would be completed in 10 minutes. So I decided to get as much information as I can from the staff.

She told me about the free Home Delivery service as long as you are within the areas the outlet covers. This service would be greatly loved by those that are at the University of Ibadan, the University Teaching Hospital, corporate offices in and around Bodija and several others. I saw the delivery guy and he looks like someone that knows Ibadan very well.

For those that don’t live within the areas covered by the delivery service,there are two options. Order very large quantity or hang out with someone that stays within the area covered. Get your order and go home. For instance,for those that  stay around Iyana Church and Monatan area, the free delivery service only reaches Iwo Road. For just 30 naira you can get to Iwo road instead of spending a lot to get to Bodija.

The Environment

I visited around 4pm and it was difficult to get a spot where sun rays were not streaming in. It is always difficult to enjoy a hot meal in the hot sun. I went upstairs and the whole place was filled with people that came with their entire families to eat pizza. Good for them.

So, I believe a lot could be achieved if the staff maximize the space and put curtains on the left side of the ground floor especially to block out sun rays in the afternoon. The curtains could be drawn in the evening.

If you’ve been to the outlet at Ring Road, you would notice that there is opportunity to eat outside, such does not exist at Bodija. The top of the building is however available although I’m not sure anyone will enjoy eating outside during rainfall or with the scorching sun.

I would love to eat outside because the terrace gives a nice view of the neighborhood so I would recommend that the management do much work on making it enticing, attractive and comfortable.

The pizza

Like I always say, no one serves pizza in Ibadan better than Domino’s (sorry Champ’s House). There are lots of varieties to choose from and if you want, you can ask them to do creative stuffs like mixing different types for you. Considering the fact that pizzas are best eaten when hot, I would recommend you should eat right there cos I once bought pizza to take home and the stuff got cold along the way and I didn’t enjoy it.

If you have to take it home, then make sure your place is close, the traffic is light and you drive like a car racer. Otherwise, just call them for home delivery service and the delivery guy would bring it in his mobile cooler that would ensure that the pizza remains fresh and hot.

The Market

Domino’s Pizza is another attestation to the fact that any good product would sell in Ibadan. The average amount customers would spend is about 2,500 naira. When I visited, my order number was 59. Before we left around 5pm, they’ve processed about 70 orders. So I’m guessing they process about 100 orders in a day. This is expected to rise when the management engages intelligent marketing strategies.

As time goes on, and people begin to hear about the new outlet, the number of orders will begin to increase and Domino’s would have to open another outlet. This time, it would be at Iwo road.

I’ll recommend the Bodija outlet for individuals who love great customer service, avalanche of options, and a break from the horns, hustles and bustles of the highways.

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  1. To think I already thought Champs was the best. I will have to try the Domino’s at Ring Road out. And oh I had a terrible experience with Mozzarella (I think that’s their name), at the Palms Mall, Ring Road. I ate just a piece and immediately my stomach revolted. Was I sensitive to something in it? Maybe, it was the stretchy mozzarella because I always take dry crust pizza. Whatever it was, I won’t be going back there and their sharwama, the sausage tasted like smoked bush meat.

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