What you should know about Viva Entertainment Cinema, Palms Mall Ring Road Ibadan [PICTURES]


I’ve heard many requests from IBPulse readers for me to check out and write something about the new cinema that recently opened at the elegant Palms Shopping Mall opposite High Court Ring Road Ibadan.

So here is what I’ve been able to gather so far about the cinema.

I visited on a fateful evening and I thought I would the elevator just like we do when you visit the Filmhouse Cinema at The Ventura Mall Samonda. But this is different as the cinema is actually located at the basement of the mall. It’s name is Viva Entertainment.

I tried to drill the over-excited workers about who owns the cinema but all I got was that the cinema is owned by a group of friends-turned-business-partners that has at least a lady on board.

They don’t currently have a website, a movie ticket costs NGN1,000 during the week and NGN1,500 on weekends. They however charge NGN600 on weekends. I was also told that they are opening a new one in  Ilorin.

In terms of movies, they don’t have as many movies as Filmhouse although the workers said they will be adding more movies as time goes on.


They have a very nice and spacious reception with seats which make it possible for you to enjoy your refreshments while waiting for movies. You can even take your date to the reception, buy drinks and just enjoy the nice atmosphere without watching any movie.

They have a partnership with Pepsi which means they only sell Pepsi products – Mirinda, 7Up, Pepsi and others which means if you are Coca Cola addict, you may not feel the drinks but I don’t think we have such chronic soda addicts in Ibadan.

Their workers are actually the best I’ve encountered in any cinema because they are quite jovial, welcoming, interactive, highly engaging and supportive. They can spend lots of minutes convincing you to see the very few movies they are showing. They don’t mind helping you to take pictures and informing you about the new stuffs you would soon begin to enjoy.

I like the Now Showing and Coming Soon sections that Filmhouse does not have. They put up the posters of 3 films they are showing and 3 they will be showing soon.

There is also a very comfy seat in the waiting lobby as you wait to go into the movie halls. I think it is another first because it is a very nice seat and you may not complain you’ve spent long hours waiting and if you are there with someone, it is safely located in a corner and you guys can stare it each other and enjoy each other’s company.

There is not much people around which means there won’t be many people in the hall, and on the queue making it possible for you to merge 2 or more chairs to yourself and really feeling at home while you enjoy your movie.


There are just three screens which means you don’t really have much choice as your choices are highly limited. They ought to have created about 2 more, maybe there is plan for that.

They have a partnership with Pepsi yet they sell at NGN200 a bottle while it is not up to NGN100 at Shoprite. The customer shouldn’t feel the partnership is aimed at ripping them off.

IBPulse gathered the costs of the movie tickets are comparatively higher and shows the cinema is not yet as competitive as Filmhouse which has more films and more customers. The management ought to give lower price or least charge same price. Maybe the cost of setting the place up is much higher.

But this is what I’ve noticed about the cinema, people that I saw around didn’t worry about the cost, they are satisfied with the experience. Which means forcing the price low may not actually attract much people there.

The fact that there is a new cinema in Ibadan that is not owned by Filmhouse is a welcomed development because it further proves that Ibadan is a mature market and the people will pay for your services if you can deliver.

On behalf of other residents of Ibadan I say welcome on board Viva Entertainment.

Check out the pics below

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  1. so I have to get there before I know what movies are showing? No customer service number to call or something?

  2. Who told you that there r no coke addicts in ibadan… If u care to know I can’t take any other soft drink except coke. Viva dey dere dey decieve ursef

  3. Great post ibpulse!

    Any news on their website? I’m planning to visit the Viva Cinema …been searching all day for a site where I can at least see the movies they will be showing.

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