Why Ibadan is becoming safe haven for threatened politicians


Why Ibadan is becoming safe haven for threatened politicians

This morning I read online that a governorship aspirant in Kogi state is hiding in Ibadan over threat to her life. According to media report, Kogi governorship candidate Hadiza Ibrahim is now in Ibadan.

Ibrahim was the only female among the almost  20 gubernatorial  aspirants within her party expressed worries at what she  described as ‘dangerous dimension’, which the race was  assuming has however written the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Solomon Arase on the ugly development and requested to assistance.

Daily Independent reported that the politician lamented that all the APC gubernatorial  aspirants were billed to appear before the screening committee in Kogi state today (Monday) and insisted that  the security agencies already contacted should ‘save her  soul’. She said that she was advised to return to Abuja by an unknown person in Lokoja last Friday after  picking Expression of Interest form in Abuja owing to security threat.

She claimed to have received series of text threats and calls particularly from somebody who claimed to be close to the top echelon of the APC, but, she expressing optimism  that the security agencies would live up to their duties and not only track and arrest her tormentors but provide security for her.

She maintained that she would not bow to any threat saying there was no going back as narrated her ordeal in the  Nigerian murky water of politics.

The gubernatorial hopeful recalled that her son Kamaldeen  Yahyah (33 years) who was sympathetic to the political plight of President Muhammadu Buhari was murdered by yet-to-be identified assailants in Ibadan on 15th August  2014 at his Bodija residence in Ibadan.

“I acknowledge that it’s a men’s turf but I know it’s a turf that has been defined by the doggedness, determination and labour of women. Kogi must be free from  the current underdevelopment. We must emancipate our people  from poverty and diseases and we must consciously empower  the people, especially our women and girls.

“Politics should not be with tears. This recent threat to my  life by some political cabals in Kogi is designed to make women run away from politics and I will not chicken out.  There is no going back because I have the support of my people”, she added.

Interestingly, she is not the first threatened politician that would flee to Ibadan. I remember during the time that Governor Ayo Fayose of Ekiti state had rough time and was impeached. I heard he also stayed in Ibadan. There are several others which is why I’ve been able to put together 5 reasons why Ibadan could be the best destination in Nigeria for anyone hiding from killers.

Ibadan is a very big city

Ibadan is so large that even those that were born and still live in the city cannot claim to have been in all parts of the city. It’s not possible! Which means that as long as you don’t make noise wherever you are, you can stay anywhere without getting noticed. The enormous size of Ibadan also makes it possible to have numerous safe houses in different areas. You can sleep at Ring Road today, Eleyele tomorrow, followed by Akobo, Ologuneru, and so on.

Ibadan doesn’t have easy-to-locate addresses

In many parts of Lagos, you can easy locate addresses as simple 10 Broadstreet Lagos. You can’t do that in Ibadan. Many streets in Ibadan are not well numbered and the fact that houses are built without plans here make it possible for any one pursuing you to get lost even if they have your residential address.

It is easy to identify strangers in Ibadan

Residents of streets in Ibadan can easily say who is just coming to an area for the first time and who is not. And they are not afraid to ask questions when they see strangers around. This is a good deal since those trying to trace you would first be strangers in the street. They can be identified and someone can sound an alarm.

Good neighbors

Interestingly, when you also inform neighbors to be conscious of strangers in the area, everyone can turn to James Bond and Jack Bauer for you. You can’t get that elsewhere.

Security men are cheaper here

As a politician, you are expected to have some money. But if you want to be a fugitive in Ibadan, you have to go on low key and it would be much easier to hire as security men as you want. Treat them well, pay them well enough and they will become loyal to you.

With these few points of mine, I hope IBPulse.com has been able to convince you that Ibadan is the ideal place to hide if your life is threatened.


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