Window Shopping at FoodCo Home Collections

Can FoodCo challenge Shoprite at the Cocoa Mall? That was the question on my mind as I visited the shop as it opened on Friday (November 15). 
Seeing the way they were going about their arrangement and the size which is smaller compared to Shoprite, no one would give FoodCo Home Collection a chance over Shoprite. 
As someone who is used to being right all the time, I only went there to confirm that FoodCo Home Collection would struggle to survive. But alas, I was wrong.
For everyone that knows FoodCo very well, they are basically another Shoprite – or let me say a smaller Shoprite. So, why would you go to FoodCo when there is a bigger shop on the other side?
One of such reasons is the size itself.
Shoprite is several times bigger than FoodCo. While this is desirable for those who have all the time in the world, it becomes a burden for those on a tight schedule and would just like to get what they want and leave.
Another plus for FoodCo Home Collection is the focused nature of the store. It stocks generally all that you need in your home – from affordable kitchen utensils to the expensive interior decors. The wares are well arranged and not that far apart. There is also an impressive continuum in which the products are arranged in the ideal manner a house should be.
For instance, as you enter the shop, you would see stuffs that are meant for the living room, bathroom goods are in one corner while kitchen stuffs are also where a kitchen should be.
So we can say the FoodCo Home Collection is a home on its own. 
Unlike the folks at Shoprite that are scared to have fun, FoodCo Home Collection is a party house with loud music that even my highly spiritual girlfriend found did Davido’s Skelewu dance unconsciously.
Oh, I almost forgot, the shop is a cool place to visit with your girlfriend, especially someone you want to start a home with. It’s also a place you can take any overbearing and pompous individual who feels he (or she) is rich enough. When such person sees that the monthly salary is not enough to buy an ordinary interior decor, there would be a rethink.
In all, FoodCo Home Collection could be described as a masterstroke in retail business and teaches business owners who are scared of multinationals like Shoprite a big lesson – you don’t have to sell everything to make money; focus on a section, have the best stuffs in stock and throw in some music. 
I believe FoodCo Home Collection is the answer to the yearnings of those who are no longer obsessed with the Shoprite brand and those who are looking forward to a formidable challenge for the South Africa-owned multinational.
The FoodCo Home Collection is impressive and I enjoyed window shopping at the store. They even allowed me to take the pictures of some stuffs I found captivating. Check them out.


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