Yoruba kings should not be seen at every party – Prof Osuntokun


Partying is not for Yoruba kings according to Prof Osuntokun

Royal fathers across the southwest region of Nigeria have been urged to desist from being seen at every party. According to an expert in Yoruba history, Prof Akinjide Osuntokun, the kings that indulge in such act could bring disrespect to the throne.

Prof Osuntokun who is Professor Emeritus of History and International Relations, made this remark while speaking at last Friday’s edition of Yoruba Historical Conversations organised by DAWN Commission. He noted that the Yoruba race needs to take active roles in restructuring Nigeria.

“We don’t want the country to turn apart,” he said.

He described the position of traditional rulers as very important noting that they provide rallying point for mobilising people.

“They act as religious leaders in northern Nigeria. They perform religious functions. No govt can do away with kings
The position of Olubadan of Ibadan for instance is increasing incrementally. Position of Obas is very formidable
Kings must learn to keep intact the mysteries surrounding their position. They must not be seen at every party so they don’t lose respect,” he said.

He also observed that the Yoruba language and culture are threatened and there is little that is being done to prevent the culture and tradition from going into extinction.

“Yoruba language and knowledge are dying. The knowledge of the younger generation on where they come from is fading. Young people are disconnected from the past. Speaking Yoruba is frowned at at many homes,” he said.

He encouraged Yoruba youths to get actively involved in politics to improve their contribution

“Young people are needed in politics. MT Mbu at the age of 22 was a minister, average age in awolowo cabinet was 35.


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